How Running Can Help With Endurance

How Running Can Help With Endurance

How does running or any other cardio workout help you build your endurance? First let’s define endurance. It’s more than just cardio, it’s about the body’s stamina and ability to “endure” long workouts and activities that are physically tasking. It’s about the body being able to take a pounding, from the legs and joints to the heart and keep going strong. It should be an important part of training that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Muay Thai professional fighters run every day to build endurance.

There are many reasons these professionals take up running, but one important one is to build stronger bones, particularly shinbones. It’s important for anyone practicing Muay Thai, since it’s an important protection for blocking kicks and a powerful tool to deliver painful ones. If your shinbones are strong, you can deliver stronger kicks with a lower risk of breaking the bone or having a bone fracture. That makes running excellent conditioning for Muay Thai.

You get a good cardio workout when you run.

Running not only gets your heart pumping, but it also boosts your overall endurance. Your heart needs exercise to be stronger, just like any other muscle in your body. Running increases the heart rate and works it like leg exercises work leg muscles. Modifying your pace, like using high intensity interval training—HIIT—can increase the benefit of running. It creates afterburn to torch even more calories. It’s just modifying your run to volley between short bursts of high intensity and recovery paces.

Running boosts endurance by increasing your mental strength.

Not only do you burn off stress when you run, you build mental strength. That’s important not only for Muay Thai, but in every aspect of your life. Running improves your mood, primarily from the happy hormones it increases and pushing your body past that point of giving up to reach that point can help you push past other things in life that block success or achieving your goals. You’ll learn to endure more and push past it.

  • You’ll improve your knees by thickening the cartilage, which boosts their endurance. Studies show people who walk double their chance of osteoarthritis compared to runners, because the impact builds the strength of muscles that protect the joints.
  • Running increases lung volume. It strengthens the respiratory muscles like the diaphragm, which allows to improved lung volume. That lets you take deeper breaths and increased oxygen each breath.
  • Running helps your muscles perform better doing other tasks. It’s called post-activation potentiation—PAP. Studies show running increases PAP, which increases the amount of time you can perform endurance exercises.
  • Running changes the body by increasing the network of capillaries, boosting mitochondria production and helping you lose weight and build muscle tissue. All those things build endurance.

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Muay Thai Changes Your Approach To Life

Muay Thai Changes Your Approach To Life

At Garcia Muay Thai and MMA gym in Glen Cove, NY, people take classes for a variety of reasons. Muay Thai is definitely good to help get you fitter and that’s one of the big motivators. It also is an exceptional tool for self-defense, which is another important reason people study it and participate. There’s more to Muay Thai than just the physical aspect. There’s a deep mental change you undergo the more you learn.

Working out hard with Muay Thai can help you overcome anxiety and depression.

While serious depression and anxiety requires professional help, everyone can still benefit from Muay Thai. It’s a tough workout, just preparing your body for the sport. There’s rope skipping, shadow boxing and training with a partner that provides an intense cardiovascular workout. It includes resistance training, too. Both intense cardio and strength training are often used as complementary treatment for depression and studies found, they’re as effective as many drugs that are given. The only side effect is a healthier body with this type of prescription.

You’ll learn how to anticipate your opponent’s moves.

Even though this is invaluable when sparring, it’s also a trait that extends to daily life. If you’re in business, learning how to read the competition and plan for their next move is important. You start seeing patterns everywhere, including social life and at work. It helps you prepare in daily life for all the possible outcomes when you make a big decision that could be life changing. That builds confidence.

Just feeling strong and capable can also boost your confidence.

Not only will Muay Thai help you feel more confident, you’ll have the walk and stance of confidence. That makes a huge difference. If you look confident, people don’t intimidate you and it shows. You cease being a victim, but with the lessons learned in Muay Thai, don’t become a bully either. You learn respect for others and for yourself.

  • The fitter you become when you learn Muay Thai, the more focused you become on living a healthier lifestyle. You start to eat healthier, hydrate more and get more sleep to allow your body to heal.
  • You’ll meet a group of like-minded, welcoming individuals that provide a warm community that helps you along the way. It provides a great social atmosphere of sharing and caring.
  • Learning Muay Thai can change your perspective from one of victim to one of victor. You’ll see the amazing changes in your body and feel your strength, which helps you know that you can overcome any blockade in the road.
  • Muay Thai is vigorous and that helps burn off the hormones of stress. You work off that aggression in the gym and leave a happier, more pleasant person. It diffuses anger and can improve relationships with everyone.

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Is Your Weight Loss Goal Realistic?

Is Your Weight Loss Goal Realistic?

If you’re like most people, when you finally decide to lose weight, you want to do it in a few weeks. If you only have a few pounds to lose, that’s possible, but for most people, it’s the weight they gained over years of poor lifestyle habits. In order to maximize your potential to take weight off and prevent it from returning, your weight loss goal need to be realistic. While it’s possible to lose several pounds in a few days, that weight loss is normally water weight and not permanent. Permanent weight loss is all about changing your eating habits and getting more active.

Start by identifying your ideal weight.

If you’re six feet tall and weigh 140-pounds, you don’t need to lose weight no matter what your gender. A quick way to do that is by using a BMI chart. For the 6-foot person weighing 140, their BMI is 19, close to underweight. However, if you’re the same height and weigh 191, your BMI is 25, which is overweight. Once you find what your ideal weight for your height, age, gender and build is, identify how much weight you need to lose.

Set weekly goals by dividing the number of pounds by two.

Losing one to two pounds a week is a healthy goal. It gives your body a chance to adjust and allows you to create healthier habits, which include exercise and diet. While it might seem weight loss will be more initially, since you weigh more and just moving burns more calories, if you’re working out, you’re also building muscle tissue. Muscle tissue requires more calories for maintenance than fat tissue does, so you’ll be boosting your metabolism. It is not only healthier, but more realistic.

Note your ultimate timeline based on the number of pounds you want to lose each week.

If your goal is to lose 20-pounds and you focus on two pounds a week, your timeline will be 10 weeks, let’s say that date is May 30th. Write down your goal. In the above scenario, it would read, “I will lose 20-pounds by May 30th by exercising for a half hour every day and eating a healthy 1500 calorie diet.” You can then check your progress every week to make sure you’re staying on track.

  • If you’re not happy with your body shape, but you don’t need to lose weight, opt for exercise. Muay Thai and MMA are excellent ways to get your body in shape with a sleek muscular appearance.
  • Take your measurements before you start your workout program and take a picture in a revealing gym outfit. Every month do the same thing at the same time of day. This helps you record your progress, besides using weight loss and can be extremely motivating.
  • Setting goals is not only a good way to achieve weight loss by focusing and tracking on what you want to achieve, it’s good practice for achieving other things important in your life.
  • Realistic goals are the true road maps to success. They not only help you focus and formulate a plan to achieve your goal, when they’re realistic and achievable, they keep you motivated and prevent discouragement.

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How Can I Tell If I'm Dehydrated?

How Can I Tell If I’m Dehydrated?

We emphasize proper form, practice and quality training at Garcia Muay Thai & MMA Gym in Glen Cove, NY, but not matter how well you’re trained, if you don’t take care of your body, you simply won’t perform your best. Drinking adequate fluids is extremely important. During training, you’ll lose a lot of fluid and if it’s not replenished, you simply won’t do well. There are a lot of ways to tell if you’re dehydrated, so you can turn things around before it becomes serious. If you pinch your skin and it doesn’t snap back when you release, you’re probably dehydrated.

Your muscles require adequate fluid to function properly.

Water plays an important role in how well your body functions. In order for you muscles to function properly, you need adequate water. You need water to sweat, which is the body’s way to cool its core and prevent overheating that can be dangerous. If you’re sweating while you workout, which is normal if you’re pushing yourself, you could lose as much as 2.5 % of your body weight and that can affect your overall performance. The more fluid you lose, the more it negatively affects your performance.

Mild dehydration can make you tired.

It doesn’t take much to have mild dehydration, especially if you’re totally focused and working your hardest. Mild dehydration can have a big effect on your health and how good you feel. It can make you feel sluggish, exhausted and even cause achy joints. That’s because when you lose fluid, you lose it from all parts of the body, including the blood. It causes the blood to get thicker and reduces the amount of blood that goes to the heart and leaves to replenish the muscles. Dehydration reduces glycogen and that leads to muscle fatigue. Dehydration can also cause inflammation and contribute to joint pain. Water also boosts fluid in the joints and lubricates them to reduce pain.

Your major organs are mostly water.

The amount of water in your body will vary based on age, gender and weight, but it’s between 45 and 75% of your body. Your brain is approximately 73% water and the lungs are 83%. You can imagine the negative effect dehydration has on those organs. It can cause irregular heartbeat, make the mucus in your lungs thicker, trigger breathing problems and allergies. Too little water can cause mental fog and poor cognitive performance. That’s extremely important in Muay Thai, where anticipating your opponent’s moves and planning your next move is important.

  • Make it a habit to carry water with you and sip on it frequently. It’s especially important when you’re training and pre and post training.
  • Don’t think that you have to have sports drinks to replenish electrolytes. Most studies show that sports drinks only benefit people who workout at high intensity over an hour. Then, they do help. Otherwise, drink water.
  • One option that’s excellent if you’re working out longer than an hour at high intensity is coconut water. It’s natural and contains all the electrolytes necessary. Make sure it doesn’t have added sugar.
  • One simple method of determining how hydrated you are is by looking at the urine color. Light colored, almost clear urine indicates adequate hydration. Dark yellow amber colored with a strong smell indicates dehydration.

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Is Religion Used In Muay Thai?

Is Religion Used In Muay Thai?

There’s a lot of misinformation about Muay Thai. I frequently get questions about whether Muay Thai is a religion or contains religious movements and ceremonies from people who are considering coming to Garcia Muay Thai and MMA Gym in Glen Cove, NY. The answer is simple, “NO.” While Muay Thai is steeped in culture and spirituality, which includes promoting respect for opponents and self, it’s not based on religion, but rather self-defense and using the parts of the body as weapons of war.

It was the survival of the fittest.

While ancient history records wars waged with swords, daggers, hammers, axe, mace and staff, the Tai —Siamese—tribes were fierce with good fighting skills as they migrated to Thailand. They used their bodies as weapons based on training in the military and that passed from father to son. It was an effective fighting style, with those surviving, teaching the others the movements that allowed that survival. Much like evolution of man, this fighting style evolved based on what worked in the battle field.

There are many cultural connections and spirituality in the sport, but not religion.

Since Thai was constantly under attack, learning these self-defense methods were part of the culture. It became mandatory that young men in the military trained in the art of Muay Thai, which allowed them to refine their skills even further. They used these techniques against the armies of the Cambodians, Burmese and others in the area. However, not all their time was spent in war and in times of peace, it became sport and fun in the villages. There were competitions and matches. In times of peace, older survivors of battles would teach the young men the art of Muay Thai and so it grew as a cultural even over 500 years, changing and building on skills with each decade.

The spirituality of Muay Thai is not the same as religion.

Yes, there are cultural significance to many parts of the sport. For instance, the mongkorn—headpiece, prajioud—armband—and shorts have a spiritual significance and in traditional matches, are blessed to give luck and protection. The Wai Kru, for instance, roughly translates to bow teacher. It’s showing respect to the trainer, rather than to an entity. The Ram means dance and Muay translates as boxing. The Wai Kru Ram Muay is not really a dance, but more of a warm-up, showing off the fighter’s style, while showing respect to not only coaches, but also opponents.

  • Other traditions performed before a fight have a cultural basis that may have occurred for practical reasons. Kneeling down, bowing three times and grabbing dust off the steps and sprinkling it on the head may have been a sneaky way of assessing the texture of the ground, damp, hard, slipper, etc.
  • Some traditions of Muay Thai include climbing over the ropes, rather than through them and walking counter-clockwise around the ring. Many of these traditions are similar to superstitions, like athletes wear the same socks all season after a big win.
  • While Muay Thai isn’t a religion, it does teach respect for self and others. It also teaches self-discipline and goal setting. It helps people of all ages cope with the stresses of the world and remain composed.
  • At Garcia Muay Thai and MMA Gym we focus on more than just traditional Muay Thai. We focus on MMA, self-defense and Muay Thai kickboxing to help you become your fittest.

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The Difference Between Muay Thai And Boxing

The Difference Between Muay Thai And Boxing

The translation of the words Muay Thai is Thai boxing, so is Muay Thai similar to the style of boxing seen in America? They both use punches and strikes, hoping to defeat their opponent, but that’s where the similarities end. Something as simple as wearing shoes or boots during a fight is one example. Boxers wear shoes, Muay Thai boxers don’t. Muay Thai boxers may also wear a charm or cloth around their upper arm, while boxers don’t. In amateur boxing, the boxers also wear headgear.

A lot of the difference occurs in what’s legal in a fight and what’s not.

While boxing just allows punches, Muay Thai is known as the art of eight limbs. That means knees, elbows, shins and fists are used. You can throw punches as you would in boxing, but you can also elbow, kick and knee your way into victory. It’s far more grueling than boxing and faster moving, since so many different weapons can come at you. The strikes from elbows, shins and knees can pack more of a punch than an actual punch from a padded glove. However, it may be harder to perfect boxing, since you can only use your hands to strike the upper body and head.

You defend yourself differently in Muay Thai compared to boxing.

With Muay Thai, a lot of focus is on blocking strikes that come at you with arms and shins. However, boxing uses movements to evade the strike, such as footwork, distancing and head movements. Boxing tends to be far more technical, even though Muay Thai students have more striking options to learn. Muay Thai does get technical, but uses more brute strength and grit, rather than precise technical skills to take down an opponent. It’s all a matter of degree.

Which training is better for self-defense.

If you’re in a life threatening situation where you have to fight or be seriously injured, you probably would be better off with Muay Thai training, even though both would be good. While a well-trained boxer with developed evasive techniques would have no problem taking out a street thug, the average person would be better off with Muay Thai training. You have more tools in your arsenal of weapons, approximately 80% more, since you use all parts of your body. Grappling can be the most effective self-defense tool.

  • Boxers spend more time perfecting head movements, moving around the ring, footwork and getting in and out of striking range compared to Muay Thai fighters.
  • While both Muay Thai and boxing use a clinch, boxing uses it as a defensive move to prevent the opponent from striking. Muay Thai uses it as an offensive move to provide more striking opportunities or throw the opponent to the ground.
  • Boxing Vs Muay Thai have other technical differences. The stance is different, with boxers turning hips to the side to reduce striking area. Boxers also use their hands to guard their head and elbows in to guard the body. Muay Thai boxers jeep the hands further out to protect from kicks.
  • Both boxing and Muay Thai offer benefits like boosting self-confidence, improving your health, weight loss and self-defense.

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Is Muay Thai Good For Weight Loss?

Is Muay Thai Good For Weight Loss?

If you’re tired of yo-yo dieting, maybe you should try Muay Thai for weight loss. It’s a good addition to any weight loss program. Muay Thai helps build muscle tissue and burn off fat. While the calories you burn will vary based on the intensity of your moves and your weight, some estimate it could be hundreds of calories an hour in a high intensity session. Each session is similar to a high intensity interval training session—-HIIT, since you’re going at top speed and intensity, then back down to recovery pace. HIIT burns tons of calories while you’re doing it and continues to burn them for hours after you finish.

Muay Thai is fun and challenging, so you’ll be more apt to stick with the program.

No matter how great your workout is, if you don’t do it, it won’t help you. It becomes like the stationary bike that’s now a clothes rack. Muay Thai is social and fun. While the social part doesn’t involve talking about the latest movie, but discussing moves or challenging a partner, everyone involved strives to get better. It’s almost addictive and unlike video games, where you’re always trying to reach the next level, as you do in Muay Thai, it’s definitely not sedentary.

You’ll push yourself harder.

Just like showing up and working out is important, pushing yourself to be better, work harder and do more is also important. There’s always something to learn and perfect with Muay Thai and once you enter the ring, perfecting your skills is even more important. The class time goes quickly because you’re always engaged. You’ll push even harder every time you see something new.

You’ll get the workout of your life with Muay Thai.

Muay Thai provides total body training. It works on aerobic fitness, strength training and flexibility. You’ll get a workout that will improve your balance as well. Do you want a flat stomach? Who doesn’t? Muay Thai is great for core training. You’ll sweat and work toward peak performance but won’t notice it because you’re focused on your next move.

  • You’ll be more aware of your body when you learn Muay Thai, since the movement of each limb is important. That awareness also extends to your diet. Most people find they’re more mindful of what they eat.
  • While we don’t focus on diet, once you get the bug, you want to take advantage of everything you can to improve. Treating your body with respect includes feeding it the nutrients you need. You’ll gravitate to healthier eating.
  • A sense of discipline is developed when you learn Muay Thai. That discipline can help you shed pounds and be more successful in reaching your weight goal.
  • Not only does Muay Thai teach you respect for others, but it also teaches you respect for yourself. When you truly respect yourself and your body, you’ll treat it better, with adequate sleep, hydration and healthier food.

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Can Muay Thai Skills Make You Successful?

Can Muay Thai Skills Make You Successful?

At the Garcia Muay Thai and MMA Gym in Glen Cove, NY, we focus on not only the precise movements of Muay Thai, but also the philosophy and Muay Thai skills that can help you be more successful. This sport, like most martial arts, is steeped in tradition and imparts values. It focuses on respect, humility, courage and a spirit of strength. Those are all qualities that can help in any endeavor.

Goal setting is part of Muay Thai.

Both goal setting and commitment to those goals plays an important role in Muay Thai. In some gyms, the colored belt system, headbands or armbands are ways to track success. While traditionally, there was no belt system, since Muay Thai was created for more practical reasons, like protection. Goal setting is internalized in Muay Thai, with goals to learn a new technique or win matches.

Learning to think clearly under pressure is necessary for success.

To win in the ring, you have to use as much mental strategy as physical output. It’s all about anticipating your opponent’s move and finding a way to counter it. Anticipating problems is a skill that’s necessary no matter what your endeavor. It can help save time chasing a solution that’s a dead end. You’ll think faster and clearer, since the physical side of the sport also builds brain power and improves cognitive thinking.

You’ll learn to think differently about things.

What you used to see as a roadblock, will now become an opportunity. When you’re in the ring, you have to find ways to change the trajectory of the fight if you’re losing. That type of quick thinking also helps you look differently at problems and challenges you face daily. You’ll start to see each challenge as an opportunity you need to think about differently and turn to your favor.

  • Muay Thai builds confidence. It improves your strength, stamina and posture, to give you a more confident appearance. Not only will people treat you different, since they see you as a confident person, you’ll feel more confident, too.
  • If stress is slowing you down or causing you to react too emotionally to things that occur daily, not only does Muay Thai burn off stress, it helps you have more self-control.
  • Developing commitment is easy with Muay Thai. That’s why it’s great for weight loss, too. It’s easy to be committed when you’re having fun, even if the workout is tough.
  • Muay Thai triggers a release of neurochemicals to the brain that increases the neural pathways. It helps increase brain plasticity that boosts your thinking skills and even your IQ. That makes it a good option, no matter what your age.

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Will Muay Thai Make You Strong

Will Muay Thai Make You Strong

While the ultimate goal of Muay Thai is not to make you strong, but to give you exceptional fighting skills, that boost of strength is a nice added side effect. While you won’t see many Muay Thai fighters with bulging huge muscles, you will see the ones who practice this type of fighting with a chiseled physique and highly defined muscles. It’s good for women who want a sculpted look and provides additional strength as a wonderful benefit.

Even though they’re not bulky muscles, they’re still strong.

You don’t want bulk like a body builder when you practice Muay Thai, it slows you down. You want the type of muscle development that occurs when you increase myofibrillar strands. Those aren’t bulky muscles, but denser ones. This type of muscle hypertrophy makes you stronger. You’ll be a lean, ultra strong machine. You’ll have definition and definitely the look of a fit person, but without the bulk.

Muay Thai makes you strong mentally, too.

The training is tough and matches are tougher. That helps you build mental toughness as you keep on going, never giving up. You’ll overcome obstacles and setbacks, which also helps you outside of practice. Mental toughness is the ability to continue on even after others might have quit. It’s a lesson that’s so important to success, no matter what the endeavor. People who come to Muay Thai training with this trait, do quite well. Those who don’t and want to achieve greatness in the sport, soon develop it.

Muay Thai makes your heart strong and provides amazing endurance training.

You’ll build heart strength and endurance when you take up Muay Thai. It’s amazing as a workout to build your endurance. It gets you fit faster because it’s similar to HIIT training, where you go at top speed for a while, back to moderate exertion and then back to top exertion. That almost could describe a Muay Thai match. It’s both an anaerobic and aerobic workout that exercises all muscle groups and improves all types of fitness.

  • If you want to lose weight, there’s nothing better than Muay Thai. It burns up to 1,000 calories in just 60 minutes. It almost melts away fat while you’re training.
  • You’ll build your flexibility, core strength, balance, total body strength and endurance, while you’re having fun training. It doesn’t get any better than that. .
  • Just like mental toughness is important, so is self-discipline. Muay Thai teaches self-discipline. You get rewarded for your hard work by improving, which reinforces this virtue.
  • When you train in Muay Thai, you’ll develop an amazing self-defense technique, while also building strength, confidence and endurance.

Muay Thai Benefits For Women

Muay Thai Benefits For Women

The days of the damsel in distress are gone, if they ever really were here. Today’s women have to be tough and strong. Many are going it on their own, while raising a family. They have to compete in a business world that isn’t always female friendly and face the same dangers as men from those with criminal intent. That’s one reason so many women come to my Long Island, NY gym for training. They want to reap the many Muay Thai benefits available.

Weight loss is just one of the benefits.

Who doesn’t want to look and feel their best? It’s only natural. When you practice Muay Thai, you soon learn just how effective it is as a calorie burner. You’d be hard pressed to find one that burns as many calories. Okay, cross country skiing uphill does, but it’s not as easy to find a place to do it. As long as you eat healthy and don’t fill up on junk food, you’ll watch the pounds fall off. In fact, people who come here for fun, but don’t change their eating habits a bit often lose weight. Effective Calorie-burner: Very few sports make you burn as many calories as Muay Thai.

It’s a great method of self-defense.

You don’t have to be big to overcome an attacker. You just have to know the right moves. Most of the people that attack women are really cowards, who don’t have fighting skills. If you’re armed with Muay Thai, it’s not a guarantee you’ll come out a victor, but it does dramatically improve the odds. Kicks, punches and strikes can also stun your attacker and give you time to run. There’s no shame in running to safety! It’s the smart thing to do. That’s why you don’t have to win a fight when you’re armed with Muay Thai, it gives you the skills to deter the attacker and get away. In most cases, the attacker runs.

You’ll build muscle strength and look fabulous.

The lean muscular look has always been attractive. When you workout with Muay Thai, you won’t build bulky muscles, but sinewy, strong ones. Those trim muscles give you strength. Practicing helps all areas of fitness. Not only will you get stronger, you’ll have more endurance and flexibility, too. Even if you didn’t shed one pound after you started Muay Thai, you’ll wear a smaller clothing size because you’ll have more muscle tissue. Muscle tissue weighs more than fat tissue does per cubic inch, so the more you have, the thinner you’ll look.

  • Muay Thai can help build your confidence. Improving your strength and endurance improves your confidence level. When you feel fit and strong, you feel like you can take on the whole world and win.
  • You’ll look more confident. Part of the reason will be because you are, but even before that, the workout will help improve your posture, which gives you a more confident appearance.
  • You’ll have fun. Unlike many types of workouts, Muay Thai is fun. The time goes really quickly and you’re never bored.
  • You’ll feel fabulous after a Muay Thai session. It burns off those hormones from stress and replaces them with the happy hormones that make you feel good.