Get Out Of The Workout Rut

The longer you workout, using the same machines or doing the same bodyweight exercises, the closer you come to getting into a workout rut. At one time or another, everyone has felt that, whether it’s a workout rut, a work rut or even a relationship rut where every minute is so predictable that it’s almost boring. You can solve those problems in a number of ways. For a relationship rut, people often take up a new activity together. At work, they may request a new job within the company or look for ways to change things and make them more efficient. How do you deal with a workout rut? It’s easy, find a new way to get exercise.

Why not consider kickboxing?

There’s so much to learn when you first start kickboxing that your mind will be so busy the time will fly quickly. That combination of moving in new ways and learning new skills will certainly hold your interest and make exercise fun again. That’s what staying in shape is all about, having the energy to enjoy everything life has to offer. It’s perfect for couples that want something new to do together or for the average man or woman that just wants a change.

Muay Boran/Muay Thai is the martial arts of Thailand.

Muay Thai offers even more opportunities to learn. Unlike kickboxing that offers 4-point striking system, Muay Thai has an 8-point striking system. The kicks are different, the footwork is too. Just like kickboxing, there’s a lot to learn. There’s also a wide variety of styles and methods for Muay Thai. You have to learn not only all the moves, but also how to anticipate your opponent’s moves, which makes the time fly. Once you start Muay Thai, not only will you look forward to classes, you’ll look forward to getting into better shape to execute what you’ve learned.

Using MMA to get fit is perfect if you want the skills but don’t want to fight.

Maybe you like the idea of learning self-defense and getting fit enough to grapple, but don’t like the idea of actually fighting. Taking classes that get you fit enough to fight can be a good way to break the workout rut you’ve experienced. It’s great for people of all ages and can burn calories like mad. You’ll build confidence while you learn this new activity. It’s a great change from moving from one machine to another that often happens in the gym.

  • Getting fit is all about having the energy to enjoy life more. If you dread your workouts and forcing yourself to go, it isn’t fulfilling that mission. Enjoying every minute means enjoying your workout, too.
  • MMA, kickboxing and Muay Thai builds lean muscle mass. You won’t bulk up like bodybuilders, but build sinewy muscle tissue that gives the sculpted, but muscular appearance.
  • Other activities that can help reduce the doldrums of exercise include hiking, bicycling and swimming. Anything that gets you moving, leaves you breathing hard and builds strength provides a good workout alternative.
  • If you have specific problems, like fat deposits that simply won’t disappear or poor hand-eye coordination, focusing on alternatives like Muay Thai can help build those, as well as increase speed, stamina and strength.

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