Muay Thai Changes Your Approach To Life

At Garcia Muay Thai and MMA gym in Glen Cove, NY, people take classes for a variety of reasons. Muay Thai is definitely good to help get you fitter and that’s one of the big motivators. It also is an exceptional tool for self-defense, which is another important reason people study it and participate. There’s more to Muay Thai than just the physical aspect. There’s a deep mental change you undergo the more you learn.

Working out hard with Muay Thai can help you overcome anxiety and depression.

While serious depression and anxiety requires professional help, everyone can still benefit from Muay Thai. It’s a tough workout, just preparing your body for the sport. There’s rope skipping, shadow boxing and training with a partner that provides an intense cardiovascular workout. It includes resistance training, too. Both intense cardio and strength training are often used as complementary treatment for depression and studies found, they’re as effective as many drugs that are given. The only side effect is a healthier body with this type of prescription.

You’ll learn how to anticipate your opponent’s moves.

Even though this is invaluable when sparring, it’s also a trait that extends to daily life. If you’re in business, learning how to read the competition and plan for their next move is important. You start seeing patterns everywhere, including social life and at work. It helps you prepare in daily life for all the possible outcomes when you make a big decision that could be life changing. That builds confidence.

Just feeling strong and capable can also boost your confidence.

Not only will Muay Thai help you feel more confident, you’ll have the walk and stance of confidence. That makes a huge difference. If you look confident, people don’t intimidate you and it shows. You cease being a victim, but with the lessons learned in Muay Thai, don’t become a bully either. You learn respect for others and for yourself.

  • The fitter you become when you learn Muay Thai, the more focused you become on living a healthier lifestyle. You start to eat healthier, hydrate more and get more sleep to allow your body to heal.
  • You’ll meet a group of like-minded, welcoming individuals that provide a warm community that helps you along the way. It provides a great social atmosphere of sharing and caring.
  • Learning Muay Thai can change your perspective from one of victim to one of victor. You’ll see the amazing changes in your body and feel your strength, which helps you know that you can overcome any blockade in the road.
  • Muay Thai is vigorous and that helps burn off the hormones of stress. You work off that aggression in the gym and leave a happier, more pleasant person. It diffuses anger and can improve relationships with everyone.

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