The Difference Between Muay Thai And Boxing

The translation of the words Muay Thai is Thai boxing, so is Muay Thai similar to the style of boxing seen in America? They both use punches and strikes, hoping to defeat their opponent, but that’s where the similarities end. Something as simple as wearing shoes or boots during a fight is one example. Boxers wear shoes, Muay Thai boxers don’t. Muay Thai boxers may also wear a charm or cloth around their upper arm, while boxers don’t. In amateur boxing, the boxers also wear headgear.

A lot of the difference occurs in what’s legal in a fight and what’s not.

While boxing just allows punches, Muay Thai is known as the art of eight limbs. That means knees, elbows, shins and fists are used. You can throw punches as you would in boxing, but you can also elbow, kick and knee your way into victory. It’s far more grueling than boxing and faster moving, since so many different weapons can come at you. The strikes from elbows, shins and knees can pack more of a punch than an actual punch from a padded glove. However, it may be harder to perfect boxing, since you can only use your hands to strike the upper body and head.

You defend yourself differently in Muay Thai compared to boxing.

With Muay Thai, a lot of focus is on blocking strikes that come at you with arms and shins. However, boxing uses movements to evade the strike, such as footwork, distancing and head movements. Boxing tends to be far more technical, even though Muay Thai students have more striking options to learn. Muay Thai does get technical, but uses more brute strength and grit, rather than precise technical skills to take down an opponent. It’s all a matter of degree.

Which training is better for self-defense.

If you’re in a life threatening situation where you have to fight or be seriously injured, you probably would be better off with Muay Thai training, even though both would be good. While a well-trained boxer with developed evasive techniques would have no problem taking out a street thug, the average person would be better off with Muay Thai training. You have more tools in your arsenal of weapons, approximately 80% more, since you use all parts of your body. Grappling can be the most effective self-defense tool.

  • Boxers spend more time perfecting head movements, moving around the ring, footwork and getting in and out of striking range compared to Muay Thai fighters.
  • While both Muay Thai and boxing use a clinch, boxing uses it as a defensive move to prevent the opponent from striking. Muay Thai uses it as an offensive move to provide more striking opportunities or throw the opponent to the ground.
  • Boxing Vs Muay Thai have other technical differences. The stance is different, with boxers turning hips to the side to reduce striking area. Boxers also use their hands to guard their head and elbows in to guard the body. Muay Thai boxers jeep the hands further out to protect from kicks.
  • Both boxing and Muay Thai offer benefits like boosting self-confidence, improving your health, weight loss and self-defense.

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