aboutGARCIA MUAY THAI And Mixed Martial Arts Gym is a State-of-the-Art Training Center that is Custom-Fitted with Authentic Hand Made Thai-Boxing Training Equipment. 2 Training Rooms Dedicated to Muay Thai and Boxing Heavy Bags,Top Grade Judo/Grappling Mats, and an assortment of physical training gear is available to ensure you won’t have to go anywhere else to get the workout every true professional will need to stay competitive.

We teach Authentic Muay Thai, The Real Kickboxing! You will learn step by step the most devastating Martial Art for Self Defense, Fitness, Weight Loss, and Competition. Easy to learn, easy to apply principles can help save your life!

GARCIA MUAY THAI and Mixed Martial Arts Gym was built to the standards needed to train ANYONE – from Fitness Enthusiasts, Weekend Warriors, Kids, Adults, Children with Special Needs, and Amateur/ Professional Fighters. We also offer Muay Thai Boot Camp Workshops and Women Only Muay Thai Private Classes, Sorry Fellas!

No need for extra commutes or additional memberships. We do it all: High Level Muay Thai Training, Boxing, MMA, Nutrition, Extreme Fat Loss Workshops, Strength and Conditioning, Crossfit, Strong Man Training, etc.
Our Top Grade Judo Mats are of the highest quality and density to ensure a very soft and comfortable non-irritating surface. We clean and disinfect our mats and equipment regularly to ensure a healthy facility for all.