Is Muay Thai Good For Weight Loss?

If you’re tired of yo-yo dieting, maybe you should try Muay Thai for weight loss. It’s a good addition to any weight loss program. Muay Thai helps build muscle tissue and burn off fat. While the calories you burn will vary based on the intensity of your moves and your weight, some estimate it could be hundreds of calories an hour in a high intensity session. Each session is similar to a high intensity interval training session—-HIIT, since you’re going at top speed and intensity, then back down to recovery pace. HIIT burns tons of calories while you’re doing it and continues to burn them for hours after you finish.

Muay Thai is fun and challenging, so you’ll be more apt to stick with the program.

No matter how great your workout is, if you don’t do it, it won’t help you. It becomes like the stationary bike that’s now a clothes rack. Muay Thai is social and fun. While the social part doesn’t involve talking about the latest movie, but discussing moves or challenging a partner, everyone involved strives to get better. It’s almost addictive and unlike video games, where you’re always trying to reach the next level, as you do in Muay Thai, it’s definitely not sedentary.

You’ll push yourself harder.

Just like showing up and working out is important, pushing yourself to be better, work harder and do more is also important. There’s always something to learn and perfect with Muay Thai and once you enter the ring, perfecting your skills is even more important. The class time goes quickly because you’re always engaged. You’ll push even harder every time you see something new.

You’ll get the workout of your life with Muay Thai.

Muay Thai provides total body training. It works on aerobic fitness, strength training and flexibility. You’ll get a workout that will improve your balance as well. Do you want a flat stomach? Who doesn’t? Muay Thai is great for core training. You’ll sweat and work toward peak performance but won’t notice it because you’re focused on your next move.

  • You’ll be more aware of your body when you learn Muay Thai, since the movement of each limb is important. That awareness also extends to your diet. Most people find they’re more mindful of what they eat.
  • While we don’t focus on diet, once you get the bug, you want to take advantage of everything you can to improve. Treating your body with respect includes feeding it the nutrients you need. You’ll gravitate to healthier eating.
  • A sense of discipline is developed when you learn Muay Thai. That discipline can help you shed pounds and be more successful in reaching your weight goal.
  • Not only does Muay Thai teach you respect for others, but it also teaches you respect for yourself. When you truly respect yourself and your body, you’ll treat it better, with adequate sleep, hydration and healthier food.

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