Change Your Life With Muay Thai Training In Long Island

If you’re overweight and looking for an overnight miracle that will get you back into shape, good luck. It simply isn’t out there. However, there are some good ways to get into shape and some that are even better. Healthy eating and a program of calisthenics is a good way, but a healthy diet and Muay Thai training is even better. You can find an excellent Muay Thai training gyms right here in Long Island.

You’ll burn tons of calories.

One thing that you won’t do when you do Muay Thai training, is spend a lot of time standing around, waiting for the next exercise to begin. You’ll be in motion from the start of the warm-up and through the sparring, taking in knowledge and moving your body while you do. There’s a reason Muay Thai fighters have that thin svelte look; they burn tons of calories and build lean long muscle mass.

You’ll improve your coordination with Muay Thai.

Are you a klutz? Seriously, everyone has a misstep once in a while, but if you’re doing it frequently, maybe you need to train your body better. Muay Thai training focuses on the whole body and using it as a weapon. You’ll learn to control your muscles in the most precarious of positions and as you do, start to realize you’re much more graceful than you used to be. You may even find you’re a better dancer since it increases hip mobility.

You’ll learn the secret to self-control and self-discipline.

Both are similar and both are important, but the two are entirely different. Self-discipline is taking charge and focusing on learning new things, while self-control is about making use of the knowledge you already have to restrict actions or take actions that you desire. You have the self-discipline to learn Muay Thai and how to eat healthier. Self-control comes into effect when you’re angry and want to lash out, but don’t, since you know it’s wrong or want to eat that whole bag of candy but realize it will spoil everything you’ve strived to achieve. You’ll get both self-discipline and self-control from Muay Thai.

  • After a few months of Muay Thai, no matter how many flights of stairs you face, they can’t defeat you. Muay Thai builds cardiovascular strength.
  • HIIT—high intensity interval training—workouts involve moving at your highest intensity for a short period and dropping back to a recovery intensity for the same length of time, then back to high intensity. It’s the perfect way to describe how you move doing Muay Thai.
  • If you want the ultimate in a flat stomach, turn to Muay Thai. It builds core strength so you improve your posture, balance and flattens your stomach at the same time.
  • Muay Thai changes you from a victim to a victor. It’s an exceptionally good for of self-defense and always ready to use, unlike that bottle of pepper spray in the bottom of your purse. You’ll always be ready when you need it most.

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