Will Muay Thai Make You Strong

While the ultimate goal of Muay Thai is not to make you strong, but to give you exceptional fighting skills, that boost of strength is a nice added side effect. While you won’t see many Muay Thai fighters with bulging huge muscles, you will see the ones who practice this type of fighting with a chiseled physique and highly defined muscles. It’s good for women who want a sculpted look and provides additional strength as a wonderful benefit.

Even though they’re not bulky muscles, they’re still strong.

You don’t want bulk like a body builder when you practice Muay Thai, it slows you down. You want the type of muscle development that occurs when you increase myofibrillar strands. Those aren’t bulky muscles, but denser ones. This type of muscle hypertrophy makes you stronger. You’ll be a lean, ultra strong machine. You’ll have definition and definitely the look of a fit person, but without the bulk.

Muay Thai makes you strong mentally, too.

The training is tough and matches are tougher. That helps you build mental toughness as you keep on going, never giving up. You’ll overcome obstacles and setbacks, which also helps you outside of practice. Mental toughness is the ability to continue on even after others might have quit. It’s a lesson that’s so important to success, no matter what the endeavor. People who come to Muay Thai training with this trait, do quite well. Those who don’t and want to achieve greatness in the sport, soon develop it.

Muay Thai makes your heart strong and provides amazing endurance training.

You’ll build heart strength and endurance when you take up Muay Thai. It’s amazing as a workout to build your endurance. It gets you fit faster because it’s similar to HIIT training, where you go at top speed for a while, back to moderate exertion and then back to top exertion. That almost could describe a Muay Thai match. It’s both an anaerobic and aerobic workout that exercises all muscle groups and improves all types of fitness.

  • If you want to lose weight, there’s nothing better than Muay Thai. It burns up to 1,000 calories in just 60 minutes. It almost melts away fat while you’re training.
  • You’ll build your flexibility, core strength, balance, total body strength and endurance, while you’re having fun training. It doesn’t get any better than that. .
  • Just like mental toughness is important, so is self-discipline. Muay Thai teaches self-discipline. You get rewarded for your hard work by improving, which reinforces this virtue.
  • When you train in Muay Thai, you’ll develop an amazing self-defense technique, while also building strength, confidence and endurance.

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