Will I Lose Weight With Muay Thai

You can lose weight with Muay Thai, just ask people who practice it. It burns a huge amount of calories. In fact, you can burn up to 1000 calories in an hour. Of course, that number will vary based on a person’s weight and amount of activity during any particular session. You’re constantly on the move when you’re doing this cardio-intense training.

The art of 8-limbs works all the muscles in the body.

While you do use many muscles when you box, the vast majority of the workout is upper body and core muscles. With Muay Thai, you’re punching with more than just your hands, you’re fighting with feet, elbows and knees, too. You can see how it works your legs and your upper body, plus gives you a huge core workout. That’s why most of the seasoned Muay Thai enthusiasts have lean, sinewy muscles and sculpted core muscles.

Everyone wants six-pack abs.

It takes two things to get six pack abs. One is strong core muscles and the other is weight loss so that muscular build can show and isn’t buried under layers of fat. In fact, many people feel that not just strong abs are important, but overall core strength is one of the most important characteristics of being fit. They help provide balance and stability and protect est your back. The movements of Muay Thai build core strength.

Muay Thai is the ultimate weight loss program because it keeps people coming back for more.

No matter what type of exercise program you use to help you lose weight, you have to do it consistently to get results. That’s one huge advantage of Muay Thai. It’s almost addictive. People become focused at getting better and the time seems to fly by at each session. Instead of watching the clock, you’re more focused at watching your opponent or learning a new move. While it may not be fun in the conventional sense, like dancing or riding a roller coaster, it’s the challenge of the sport that makes it fun.

  • Muay Thai teaches you discipline and self-esteem. Learning those two qualities can help you shed pounds. As become more proficient, taking care of your body become more important.
  • No matter what form of exercise you choose, you can never out exercise a poor diet and overeating. In order to get the maximum weight loss, you have to eat fewer calories and healthy food to get results.
  • Learning the basics is simple with Muay Thai, but there are endless moves you can make, so you’ll always have something new to learn.
  • While you might take up Muay Thai for fitness and weight loss, you’ll also be getting a valuable self-defense tool that’s available at all times, especially when you need it.

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