Use Your Weapons

Use Your Weapons

You won’t lose any challenge or battle when you use your weapons in a trained and precise manner. That means lots of practice and the right type of training. Muay Thai is the Art of 8 Limbs and when trained and ready, all eight weapons will help you defeat any opponent. You’ll use your hands, knees, elbows and shins in a variety of ways to win every battle when you use these weapons correctly.

Muay Thai has a long history.

The origination of the sport actually came from it’s use in battle. As the soldiers learned more efficient ways to overcome an enemy, they shared it with others. The elders then passed this information down to their children or students, honing the art each time to make it more effective. In fact, at one time Muay Thai used the head as a weapon, making it the art of nine weapons. In modern times, headbutting became illegal and never used in the sport. It spread from the orient during WWII when both Europeans and Americans witness it and named it Siam Boxing.

Muay Thai helps you learn more than just a martial arts technique.

When you learn Muay Thai, you learn discipline. You also learn to anticipate the other person’s movement and react accordingly. It makes you more alert to everything around you, helping you to make faster and wiser decisions in other areas of your life. You get more than just finding out how to use your body as a weapon. You get healthy exercise that builds lean muscle tissue while also burning fat faster. While Muay Thai training isn’t a self defense class, it can help you defend yourself if you ever need to do that.

In order to use all your weapons effectively, you’ll need more than just training, you’ll need strength and endurance.

Strength and endurance and Muay Thai training go hand in hand. The more you train, the more endurance you’ll have, but also the more you develop your skills the more you’ll need. That’s why many Muay Thai instructors focus on building that strength and fitness while they are teaching all the moves and skills necessary to be successful in the sport.

Foot drill work and kicks build the muscles and strength in the legs. It also helps build agility and endurance, while making legs look excellent.

Muay Thai training can help keep you mentally sharp. It teaches you to focus on the drills and situation, taking your mind off your daily stresses. Any type of exercise, particularly one that works the whole body like Muay Thai, also burns off the hormones created by stress.

Muay Thai training can build your self confidence. The stronger and better you get, the more confident you’ll feel.

You’ll build mental toughness with Muay Thai. Mental toughness is the ability to continue long after others may have quit. It helps in all areas of life.

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