Try A Kickboxing Workout

Are you bored with the same old routine at the gym and want a challenging workout that’s also a lot of fun? Try a kickboxing workout to add a bit of spice and enjoyment to your fitness routine. Not only does kickboxing provide total body exercise, it also provides all four forms of exercise. You’ll work on strength, flexibility, stamina and balance while improving your mental capabilities. The best part is that you won’t feel like you’re working out, but instead be enjoying participation in a sport.

Tone and firm your muscles and eradicate fat.

You won’t develop big bulging muscles with kickboxing, but you will develop strong sinewy muscles. Anyone who sees you will recognize you’re muscular, but when you participate in kickboxing, you’ll be sculpting your muscles and carving a great physique, while also eliminating fat. You’ll build some muscles, but have a strong appearance that looks quick and trim. You’ll be working on all muscle groups at once with kickboxing.

You won’t realize you’re working out when you kickbox.

Everyone who’s worked out to maintain a fit body at one time or another desperately looked for a clock, cell phone or watch to check how much longer they had to go until the workout ended. That doesn’t happen with kickboxing. That’s because you’re more focused on what your opponent is doing and what to do next you actually forget you’re working out. Like golf, basketball, football or any other sport, you’re more focused on improving at that sport than counting reps until your workout ends.

You’ll build agility, range of motion, strength and balance.

You’ll be using your whole body in a number of ways at one time. Kickboxing reconnects your mind to your whole body and puts you in charge. It doesn’t happen immediately, you’ll slowly develop the control. One day you’ll notice that you’ll be mentally controlling even smaller muscle groups to maximize their use against opponents.

Kickboxing gives you a method of self-defense. While you’ll get stronger and bulk up or lose weight with other forms of fitness, you don’t learn a technique that can be used to defend yourself. No matter how many weights you lift or miles you row, it won’t help in a dangerous situation.

You’ll build a sense of respect, not only for your opponent, but also for yourself. In order to build self-respect, you have to learn to respect others. Kickboxing helps you do that.

You’ll build your mental capabilities. You need to think fast in most situations in kickboxing. Part of that comes from practice, but part of it is your mental fitness. As you build your body, you’ll also be building your mental capabilities.

Kickboxing teaches you discipline. It’s not street fighting. It’s a disciplined form of battle that requires you to submit to the wisdom of your teacher and practice until you’re perfect. That takes mental and physical discipline.

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