The Pros Of Muay Thai

The Pros of Muay Thai

You’ll find the pros of Muay Thai make it not only a great fitness program, but also a fantastic weight loss program. It offers so much from providing a method of self-defense to improving flexibility and agility. It’s an all around workout that builds core strength while increasing your endurance and coordination. Learning Muay Thai also improves your self-image and gives you a feeling of power and confidence in a manner no other form of fitness can do. You’ll feel stronger, more competent and ready to take on anything life has to offer. Not only will you feel it, others will notice the difference in your manner and stance. You’ll develop presence.

Developing a sense of presence and self-confidence is just one of the benefits of Muay Thai.

A sense of presence not only affects how you feel about yourself, it affects how others see you. It doesn’t come from speaking the loudest, being articulate or even looking fantastic. It comes from within and being comfortable in your own skin. You’ll stand out in a crowd and look confident and attractive without doing anything but be yourself. Developing your muscles is part of it, but it’s more than that. It’s learning to control every muscle in your body, releasing all tension and combining your mental abilities with the physical to become one dynamic person.

You’ll build a lean, strong body and eliminate excess fat.

I see it every day. People come in and want to learn a self-defense technique so they take a course in Muay Thai. They end up not only learning self-defense, they also shed body fat and become a leaner, more efficient image of their former self. Others come in looking for a weight loss technique that also builds lean muscle mass and wind up loving the feeling of power they have when they compete. Both types of people get the benefits that hoped to achieve and more.

You’ll build your mental agility while you build your physical body.

Muay Thai is more than just a physical sport. It’s more than just jumping into the ring and punching as hard as you can or kicking fast and furiously. It’s learning to anticipate your opponents next move and building a strategy to counteract that move….not within a week, month or day but within seconds. Of course, part of it comes from learning the basics and study what to do until it becomes second nature. However, Muay Thai improves your reflex time and your mental capabilities to make quick decisions that have consequences if you’re wrong. That lesson carries over to everyday life.

Build your body and build character with Muay Thai. Muay Thai is based on self-discipline and respect for your opponent. It builds the mind and character while it builds the body.

Improve your reflex time with Muay Thai. Both mental and physical reflexes improve and you’ll think quicker and react faster with training.

You’ll learn to control all the muscles in your body and become one. It’s hard to describe until you feel it. You develop the mental control of your body like a dancer, but with the added strength that comes from martial arts and boxing.

Feel confident in any situation and never be a victim again. It’s well known that people who fear becoming a victim often become victims primarily because they send out that body language. Learning Muay Thai and building your skills and strength eliminates that body language and makes thugs look elsewhere for an easy mark.

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