Teach Your Child Self-Discipline

No matter how much you try to teach your child self-discipline at home, you often feel like the rest of society attempts to foil your efforts. Many Little League games and other forms of children’s sports don’t even keep score and often children get rewarded for simply attending functions, even if they were counterproductive to the overall goal. To help your child learn about self-discipline and personal achievement, consider enrolling them in a martial arts or Muay Thai class. These classes promote personal responsibility and self-discipline.

Respect for others helps on the road to self-responsibility.

The instructor is the authority figure in Muay Thai and no matter what instructor or class taken, demands the respect of the pupils. It’s one of the underlying foundations of the sport. While you’re child learns the various moves required to compete in this sport, he or she also learns respect for the instructor that transfers to other adults in positions of authority.

Your child will learn to listen more carefully to instruction.

In the sport of Muay Thai, as with any martial arts or kickboxing sport, following instructions can make the difference between success or failure in competition. It dramatically shows during a match and the lesson learned from lack of attention or failure to follow instructions are severe, immediate and extremely obvious. Immediate reward or punishment is the best teacher. While the child may grasp the concept of the benefits of listening in any class or training, it’s extremely obvious with Muay Thai.

Your child will develop self-esteem.

Muay Thai trains the child in the art of self-defense and that can build confidence. Children who feel good about themselves don’t have to act out to get the attention every human craves. The feeling of accomplishment and courage developed during training transfers to many other areas of life to improve those areas too, while also improving overall performance to boost self-esteem even higher.

Your child may be learning the art muay Thai and how to win in a fight using it, but it doesn’t promote aggression. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Part of the training is learning to help resolve issues without violence.

Your child will develop physical stamina and strength during sessions. The rigorous physical exercise helps develop the body.

Not only does the rigorous exercise help the body, it also helps the mind. It builds new pathways to make learning easier.

Your child will develop respect for other participants in class, while also developing friendships. Classes focus on helping one another to become the most accomplished fighter possible.

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