Muay Thai Certification

Muay Thai Certification

Before you can attend classes for Muay Thai certification as an instructor, you need to learn the basics and advanced techniques that help you win fights. Certification is normally achieved after many years of training and special classes are taken in Thailand, the home of Muay Thai. While not all Muay Thai instructors have hundreds of bouts, almost all will have a several and have years of training themselves before taking instructor certification.

Consider an instructor with Kru and ‘Ajarn’ training.

While a larger number of people may qualify for Muay Thai certification, Kru and ‘Ajarn’ training is only available to the most experienced and best of the group. This is an advanced certification. Kru and Ajarn mean master. While some say that Kru is an informal way of saying Ajarn, others say that an Ajarn has more years of training and more fights. No matter which is correct, both are titles for masters with far more experience and training than most.

A certified instructor can show you the right moves to win.

Learning from a certified instructor helps. It means the instructor not only knows the sport, he or she has learned teaching techniques that can help students learn it easier. Finding a certified instructor with a great deal of patience can be a huge benefit to those who are new to the sport, whether the instructor is a kru or ajarn. Muay Thai is a sport that requires the student knows the basics well before advancing any further, since all future moves build on the basics. Having a certified instructor can help.

Check all the credentials, beyond just certification.

Unlike other martial arts, Muay Thai doesn’t have belts and levels to advance through to achieve the next step. That’s why checking all the credentials of the instructor and all the training is important. If all the trainer has is certification to instruct Muay Thai and no background in the sport or further training, he or she may have learned it from a DVD that allowed you to print off a certificate. Real instructors train with names you’ll recognize or train in Thailand.

No matter who you train with, make sure it’s someone who makes you feel comfortable. You should easily understand the directions given by the instructor.

Learning Muay Thai from a person who has experience in the ring helps. It provides them with the perspective you need for instruction. However, having a larger number of fights often doesn’t mean it’s better training, particularly if the instructor has limited teaching skills and lacks patience.

When you train for Muay Thai, find someone that will safely advance you. If you’re not ready for a fight, a good trainer won’t push you.

A certified trainer often has certifications from several masters in several different areas. He or she may also be certified other sports.

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