Muay Thai Benefits For Women

The days of the damsel in distress are gone, if they ever really were here. Today’s women have to be tough and strong. Many are going it on their own, while raising a family. They have to compete in a business world that isn’t always female friendly and face the same dangers as men from those with criminal intent. That’s one reason so many women come to my Long Island, NY gym for training. They want to reap the many Muay Thai benefits available.

Weight loss is just one of the benefits.

Who doesn’t want to look and feel their best? It’s only natural. When you practice Muay Thai, you soon learn just how effective it is as a calorie burner. You’d be hard pressed to find one that burns as many calories. Okay, cross country skiing uphill does, but it’s not as easy to find a place to do it. As long as you eat healthy and don’t fill up on junk food, you’ll watch the pounds fall off. In fact, people who come here for fun, but don’t change their eating habits a bit often lose weight. Effective Calorie-burner: Very few sports make you burn as many calories as Muay Thai.

It’s a great method of self-defense.

You don’t have to be big to overcome an attacker. You just have to know the right moves. Most of the people that attack women are really cowards, who don’t have fighting skills. If you’re armed with Muay Thai, it’s not a guarantee you’ll come out a victor, but it does dramatically improve the odds. Kicks, punches and strikes can also stun your attacker and give you time to run. There’s no shame in running to safety! It’s the smart thing to do. That’s why you don’t have to win a fight when you’re armed with Muay Thai, it gives you the skills to deter the attacker and get away. In most cases, the attacker runs.

You’ll build muscle strength and look fabulous.

The lean muscular look has always been attractive. When you workout with Muay Thai, you won’t build bulky muscles, but sinewy, strong ones. Those trim muscles give you strength. Practicing helps all areas of fitness. Not only will you get stronger, you’ll have more endurance and flexibility, too. Even if you didn’t shed one pound after you started Muay Thai, you’ll wear a smaller clothing size because you’ll have more muscle tissue. Muscle tissue weighs more than fat tissue does per cubic inch, so the more you have, the thinner you’ll look.

  • Muay Thai can help build your confidence. Improving your strength and endurance improves your confidence level. When you feel fit and strong, you feel like you can take on the whole world and win.
  • You’ll look more confident. Part of the reason will be because you are, but even before that, the workout will help improve your posture, which gives you a more confident appearance.
  • You’ll have fun. Unlike many types of workouts, Muay Thai is fun. The time goes really quickly and you’re never bored.
  • You’ll feel fabulous after a Muay Thai session. It burns off those hormones from stress and replaces them with the happy hormones that make you feel good.

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