Looking For Authentic Muay Thai?

If you’re looking for a gym that teaches authentic Muay Thai so you can get ready for your next competition, beware. Not all gyms that advertise muay thai teach the true form of the sport. Some use forms of kickboxing from Laos or other arts similar to that but don’t teach muay thai that comes from Thailand and is the countries national sport. People often use muay thai for exercise, but those wanting authentic muay thai often want to compete. We can help you learn it.

You can use Muay Thai for weight loss.

You’ll be amazed at how many calories you burn when you practice muay thai. It can be grueling if you haven’t developed the endurance. That grueling nature of this sport is probably why rounds are only three minutes long with two minute rests in between. It’s also one reason a match doesn’t normally last longer than five rounds. Learning Muay Thai gets you into shape fast, much like interval training where you work to your maximum for a short time, drop back to a lower level of difficulty and then jump back into maximum exertion. It burns calories and builds your body super fast.

Surprise yourself and others with your newly learned form of self-defense.

You’ll amaze yourself at how you can use Muay Thai for self-defense no matter what your size. It’s moves can make you feel more confident when walking alone, which shows and will deter many potential attackers. That doesn’t mean you should put yourself in harms way and use anything but common sense when alone, but a muggers, robber, rapist or other assailant doesn’t have a special location and sometimes attacks occur even in safe areas. By using just a few moves for self-defense, you can overtake or startle an attacker, giving you time to get away.

Build your endurance, strength, balance and flexibility with Muay Thai training.

You can get fit a number of way, but many people do calisthenics and other exercises to develop each type of fitness. You can get an “all in one” package when you take Muay Thai training. You’ll build your strength while you also develop your flexibility, balance and endurance. It’s a total body workout that will get you fit faster than you ever thought possible.

Muay Thai training is similar to kickboxing but Muay Thai fighters use an eight point system, feet, knees, elbows and fists, unlike kickboxing that uses only fists and feet. There are other difference too.

You’ll feel amazing after a Muay Thai workout. Even though they’re hard, it burns off the effects of stress and stimulates the brain to create hormones to make you feel good.

Muay Thai builds muscle tissue. Muscle tissue uses more calories than fast tissue does, so it boosts your metabolism.

You’ll build core muscles when you learn Muay Thai. That can improve your posture, help you walk taller, looking thinner and more confident.

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