How’s Your Roundhouse Kick?

No matter what martial arts based movie you watch, there’s always one scene where the hero or heroine uses the roundhouse kick to over come and defeat the enemy. No matter what age you are, you want to try that move at home. The older you are, the more you make sure you’re alone and nobody is watching. Wouldn’t it be nice to actually know how to do it? You can watch a million Karate Kid movies and still never get the right form, or all the benefit of the knowledge you’ll get from actual martial arts lessons.

You’ll learn more than the roundhouse kick.

Martial arts, particularly mixed martial arts, uses the whole body. MMA includes boxing as well as martial arts moves. All of the techniques use more than just fighting and making the moves, it involves discipline and respect, as well as fitness. Learning respect for your opponent is just one of the wonderful life lesson that can help you be more disciplined in other areas of your life and help you achieve success.

Get fit, lose fat and learn those fancy moves.

Learning the moves of fighting techniques such as Muay Thai, kickboxing or MMA isn’t easy. It’s not just mentally challenging, it also takes tons of energy to accomplish right. Your body needs to be at peak fitness and that requires conditioning, part of the training. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you’ll lose weight without even trying. You’ll be more focused on the lessons than the workout, which makes it almost seem like magic! If you don’t change your eating habits, you’ll still lose weight. Imagine what you will lose when you start a healthier diet lower in calories.

Feel good about yourself again.

You don’t have to be a closet Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee or Chuck Norris. You can learn how to do all the impressive moves while doing something important for yourself. You’ll get into better shape than you’ve ever been in your life—unless of course you were a professional athlete before you started, then you’ll just get back into shape—when you start learning martial arts techniques. Most of all, you’ll develop a better self image. Not only will you be learning how to defend yourself and doing something great for your body, you’ll also be honing your discipline.

You’ll blow off steam while you learn. If you have a stressful pressure filled job or life, learning MMA, or any type of fighting style, such as kick boxing, can help you burn off the hormones created by stress and get back to a mellower self.

You’ll improve your focus. The physical activity of the sports improves your circulation and takes nutrient and oxygen rich blood to all areas, including the brain. It lifts the mental fog of stress and increases your mental acuity

You’ll feel more energetic after just a few weeks. The longer you stick to a routine of regular exercise, the more energy you’ll have for other things.

You’ll feel safer once you know you can defend yourself. You don’t have to actually be in danger to feel unsafe. We’ve all been there, leaving work late and walking to a car alone or finding it dark when you leave the deserted parking lot. Learning self defense through martial arts can make you feel safer.

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