Does Your Child Have Trouble Focusing At School?

Child Have Trouble Focusing

Does your child have trouble focusing at school or difficulty following through on tasks because he or she gets sidetracked? One way to help eliminate the problem is with exercise. Regular exercise helps stimulate the brain to create norepinephrine, dopamine and serotinin. These hormones help individuals of all ages to maintain focus and attention. In fact, it works much like Ritalin or Addera but without any of the bad side effects.

Muay Thai and other martial arts help improve focus in other ways besides just exercise.

No matter what age you are, you tend to pay more attention to something that interests you, otherwise you hear, “blah, blah, blah” during instruction time. Martial arts often grabs the attention of most children because of the many martial arts movies and the “cool” moves depicted on the screen. Who hasn’t at one time or another made the chopping motion with the legs in stance that is often seen on the screen right before the hero takes on hundreds of bad ninjas and wins. Listening to the instructions for each move and following through is an exercise that stimulates focus.

The art of muay Thai boxing is rigorous and exhausting, but builds stamina and energy.

You might think that your child already has more energy than you can cope with, but the opposite may be true, particularly if the child is hyperactive. However, the hyperactivity may be a result of needing more energy to keep the body going. While may attention deficit children benefit from Muay Thai instruction, the reason it helps vary dramatically. The child may be improving energy levels or may be creating new neural pathways in the brain that enable them to learn easier. No matter what the reason, children often show improvement after several sessions.

Your child will build self-esteem.

One huge problem for children with difficulty focusing is the lack of positive reinforcement. They know they aren’t doing well in school and are often singled out by teachers simply because they don’t follow the rules, speak out of turn or are in no way in sync with the rest of the class. Achieving mastery of any sport or other project can help the child improve their self-image and that can help in all other areas of life, including the classroom.

Muay Thai instruction builds mental discipline and focus, while also building physical stamina and strength.

One of the primary focuses in Muay Thai training has to do with discipline and obedience to the instructor.

Muay Thai instruction centers on personal responsibility. If you learn your lessons well, you win the fight, if you don’t you lose.

Muay Thai training helps promote inner calmness and peace. That allows for the mind to focus on other things, such as studies.

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