Do You Compete?

Do You Compete

Do you compete in MMA or Muay Thai? If you do, you know that getting into shape can be tough and even tougher if your trainer has no idea what MMA or Muay Thai entails. In order to maximize your benefits, you need to train with someone that has or does compete and has proven to be worthy by receiving certification. This type of trainer knows the skills you need and the way to train your body so you have the muscles and endurance to achieve those skills.

Build more lean muscle mass while improving strength.

You need to be a lean mean machine when you’re competing and excess fat will only get in your way. If you’re conditioning doesn’t take off the rolls of fat and replace it with muscle, you’re not training right. General conditioning to improve strength, stamina and speed are important. They prepare your body for the grueling competition ahead. You also need to work on balance while you develop your overall fitness and endurance.

Generalized fitness training is important but you also need Muay Thai specific training to compete.

Sparring, bag work and pad work all help develop the skills a Muay Thai fighter should possess. Aerobic conditioning is also important, just as improving overall power, the ability to use your strength quickly, balance and aerobic training are equally important when preparing for your next competition. You need to work on strength training because ultimately if two fighters are equally matched in knowledge, the strongest one always wins.

Only an instructor skilled in Muay Thai can help you fine tune the basics.

Perfecting the basics, such as footwork, head positioning or hand positioning is more than just knowing the moves. It’s being able to take the appropriate steps spontaneously, when deemed appropriate in a fight. These moves, should be second nature to the fighter and a good Muay Thai trainer can identify weaker points. Perfecting the basics is important since all other techniques are built on them.

Training with the best provides confidence. A certified Muay Thai instructor knows whether you’re ready for competition or need to train longer.

The certified trainer can spot weaknesses you didn’t realize you had that leave you vulnerable to injury in a match.

Insuring your safety is one of the most important jobs of a training. The trainer does that by insuring you’re ready for a match and never sends you into one before that occurs.

No matter how long you’ve competed, there’s always more to learn. Whether you’re new to Muay Thai or not, you can always learn more to perfect your skills, particularly if you’re competing.

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