Defense Against Attacks

You’ll have defense against attacks using the techniques you learn that combines a variety of Muay Thai moves to use all your limbs against the aggressor and the element of surprise. Even a smaller individual can defeat and deter a much larger person, giving you time to get away. You may not ever need to use it, since you getdefense other benefits with Muay Thai training. One of those benefits is improved posture and self-confidence, which is one of the biggest deterrents when muggers are looking for potential victims. Bullies only bully people they think they can dominate.

Muay Thai was created for mortal combat.

In Muay Thai, the body parts are used to mimic weaponry. Elbows were used like hammers to strike a blow and hands were daggers or swords. The forearms and shins were honed to a point they absorbed blows like armor and prevented them from injuring delicate organs. The legs and knees were often used like weaponry, such as staffs or axes. These skills were passed from generation to generation and used effectively in hand to hand combat. No matter what your station in life, you always had the weapons of war and were ready for invading tribes.

You’ll walk taller after training and that gives you presence.

All types of exercise improves your overall fitness and helps your posture, but learning the art of self-defense gives you extra confidence. You’ll get amazing core strength training with Muay Thai that translates to a healthier slimmer body, but one that’s slimmed with muscle tissue. While weight lifting may build bulky muscles, Muay Thai builds sinewy ones. Men will have more bulk than women, just because of hormonal differences, but both will develop amazing strength by learning to use the whole body as one for defense.

You’ll improve your fitness level while also improving your mental capacity.

The body and mind work as one, particularly in Muay Thai. You’re constantly trying to anticipate your opponents next move. That prepares you for actual use in real life because you’re always one step ahead of the mugger, bully or assailant. It teaches respect and honor, so it is not only appropriate for adults, but also for children.

You’ll shed pounds fast as you work hard to develop the skills of Muay Thai. It’s physically taxing, but will get you into shape rapidly.

You’ll improve your power of concentration. Muay Thai defense training is more than just working out or boxing. It requires total focus and trains the mind to do it in times of distress. That helps keep you calm no matter what the emergency.

You won’t feel like you’re exercising even though you’ll be getting a total body workout. Part of the reason is that you’ll be focusing more on the moves than on your exhaustion.

You’ll develop self-discipline that will carry over to other areas of your life.

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