Can Muay Thai Skills Make You Successful?

At the Garcia Muay Thai and MMA Gym in Glen Cove, NY, we focus on not only the precise movements of Muay Thai, but also the philosophy and Muay Thai skills that can help you be more successful. This sport, like most martial arts, is steeped in tradition and imparts values. It focuses on respect, humility, courage and a spirit of strength. Those are all qualities that can help in any endeavor.

Goal setting is part of Muay Thai.

Both goal setting and commitment to those goals plays an important role in Muay Thai. In some gyms, the colored belt system, headbands or armbands are ways to track success. While traditionally, there was no belt system, since Muay Thai was created for more practical reasons, like protection. Goal setting is internalized in Muay Thai, with goals to learn a new technique or win matches.

Learning to think clearly under pressure is necessary for success.

To win in the ring, you have to use as much mental strategy as physical output. It’s all about anticipating your opponent’s move and finding a way to counter it. Anticipating problems is a skill that’s necessary no matter what your endeavor. It can help save time chasing a solution that’s a dead end. You’ll think faster and clearer, since the physical side of the sport also builds brain power and improves cognitive thinking.

You’ll learn to think differently about things.

What you used to see as a roadblock, will now become an opportunity. When you’re in the ring, you have to find ways to change the trajectory of the fight if you’re losing. That type of quick thinking also helps you look differently at problems and challenges you face daily. You’ll start to see each challenge as an opportunity you need to think about differently and turn to your favor.

  • Muay Thai builds confidence. It improves your strength, stamina and posture, to give you a more confident appearance. Not only will people treat you different, since they see you as a confident person, you’ll feel more confident, too.
  • If stress is slowing you down or causing you to react too emotionally to things that occur daily, not only does Muay Thai burn off stress, it helps you have more self-control.
  • Developing commitment is easy with Muay Thai. That’s why it’s great for weight loss, too. It’s easy to be committed when you’re having fun, even if the workout is tough.
  • Muay Thai triggers a release of neurochemicals to the brain that increases the neural pathways. It helps increase brain plasticity that boosts your thinking skills and even your IQ. That makes it a good option, no matter what your age.

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