The Top 5 Reasons To Include Muay Thai Kickboxing In Your Exercise Program

Have you ever really thought about your workout program? Have you considered what you like, what works, and what you seriously hate to do? Some people in Glen Cove, NY never really stop to gauge how effect their workout is, whether they look forward to it or find a million excuses to avoid it. If you include Muay Thai kickboxing in your exercise program, you’ll definitely know the answer to these three questions and find a host of other reasons it can help you on the road to fitness.

Let’s face it, Muay Thai kickboxing is fun!

Okay, so maybe the term fun is not quite accurate, but the time in sessions flies by quickly. You won’t be standing around watching the clock or counting each repetition, hoping to quickly get to the last one. It keeps you focused and involved. If you aren’t, you’ll either miss important information or end up losing a match. You’re never doing the same thing twice, so there’s no boredom. It’s a challenge that makes you want too keep on working to get better, so you’ll keep coming back for more.

Muay Thai Kickboxing provides a great workout that is both aerobic and anaerobic.

You’ll get a full body workout when you practice Muay Thai kickboxing. Not only does it build strength and endurance with the anaerobic actions like kicking the bags and pads, it also tests your aerobic endurance with shadowboxing or warming ups with jumping rope. You aren’t isolating muscle groups, but working several groups of muscles at once for a total body workout. You’ll build all types of fitness, flexibility, endurance, strength and balance.

You’ll burn a huge amount of calories when you add Muay Thai to your program.

As noted before, it’s a total body workout. It also uses moves that heavily involve core muscle groups. Those are two flags that this workout is sizzling away the calories. While the amount of calories per hour varies by not only your actual movements, but also your body weight and muscle tissue, it’s estimated it could be as high as 1,000 calories per hour.

  • Because it is a full body workout and uses all types of moves, it improves your functional fitness. That’s the type of fitness you need to do every day tasks and avoid injury.
  • You’ll be gaining both a healthy body and a valuable self-defense tool. This is especially important for women. Size doesn’t matter when it comes to Muay Thai. It’s all about technique.
  • You’ll boost your self-confidence and that will show in other areas of your life. Nothing succeeds like success.
  • When you add Muay Thai kickboxing, you’ll learn the basics fast. That will keep you coming back for more as you add more technique and refine it.

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