Strengthen Your Core With Muay Thai

In order to be good at Muay Thai, you have to have core strength. It’s one of the best ways to strengthen core muscles for a number of reasons. First, it’s never boring. It’s an ancient martial art technique used to create fighters that could conquer new areas or defended their own, using nothing but their bodies as weapons. It’s called the Art of Eight Limbs for a reason. It requires a strong core and endurance to succeed.

If you don’t have core strength, you won’t succeed at Muay Thai fighting.

Muay Thai is all about conditioning the entire body and if you aren’t in prime condition, the chances of succeeding at higher levels are slim. Most of the moves in Muay Thai require a strong core. It takes core strength to both strike an opponent and protect your own body at the same time. Core strength is more than just the abs, it’s all the muscles of your midsection. Muay Thai training helps build those muscles to increase stability, balance and improve the power of strikes.

A lot of Muay Thai training is core training.

The focus isn’t intended just to build core muscles, they core training is used to improve fighting skills and strength in the ring. Many trainers use traditional core strengthening training, such as crunches, sit ups and planks. The core area takes a lot of abuse during a fight, so having strong core muscles can improve conditioning to provide more resilience.

You’ll get a full body workout just learning and training for Muay Thai.

It’s all about the training that prepares you for the ring. That training offers a full body workout, particularly focusing on core strength. Muay Thai fighting style demands a strong core, so the training must provide it. While the actual fight intensely uses core muscles, it’s all about the training to reach that point.

  • Unlike other types of training, gaining a strong core through Muay Thai is more fun. It’s learning a new sport, so you look forward to the training, instead of dreading exercise time if it’s stand-alone calisthenics.
  • Muay Thai burns tons of calories and helps you lose weight. You’ll get the ripped look that shows off your core muscles better. Not only will you get great looking abs, you’ll see the sculpting in the muscles of your back and waist.
  • A lot of the movements during sparring and grappling also work the core muscles, but it still all gets back to the training required to do Muay Thai. That training is what builds the actual core strength and lean cut appearance.
  • To be effective in the ring, you have to be strong and that requires strong core muscles. Strengthening your core muscles help strengthen all parts of your body and can improve your speed. It also helps you recover more quickly.

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