How To Long Guard

If you want a defense that will help you get through a whirlwind of punches from your opponent, the long guard won’t let you down. It’s used to protect the head and upper body during those times you’re opponent is throwing a series of quick punches and can protect you while you’re planning your next move, while allowing your opponent to wear out without injury to you.

Your lead arm is used to keep your opponent at bay.

Keeping your lead arm out is important. It can act as a defense and to help you judge the distance your opponent is from you so you can plan strategies. Your chin should be down and your shoulder should be tight. Your other arm goes across your face with your elbow at a ninety degree angle and your palm out. You can use your lead arm to push against the head of your opponent and adjust the elbow and outstretched arm to ward off any punches.

The long guard is about using your shoulders, arms and upper body to not only defect punches but to create space.

The more space you have between you and your partner, the more time you have to react to your opponents move. While there are more intricate Muay Thai guards, this one is effective in a multitude of situations and lets you plan your next offensive move while protecting yourself. Your opponent is busy trying to overcome this defense and it could allow perfect timing to take the critical jab that will help you win.

The long guard is one of the best defenses against a strong puncher.

Another name for the long guard is a good defense against a heavy puncher. It keeps a strong opponent at enough of a distance by using your lead hand to press against his face, forehead, chest or shoulders. Your shoulder, glove and lead arm protect your chin and shoulder, but allow you to see the punches coming. You need to use kicks and quick offensive moves when you can to get the upper hand.

  • While you can move your crossed arm to help prevent contact, one of the main weaknesses of the long arm is the upper cut.
  • Don’t linger in the long arm too long. Make sure you immediately start planning offensive moves once you’re in it and wait patiently for the best time to use them.
  • Varying your guard will help you improve your game. You can go from tight guard to long guard when the situations calls. Knowing more possibilities provides more possibilities.
  • Muay Thai is all about being able to find the best spot to start your attack. Having an arsenal of tools, like the long guard, to protect you and good footwork, can help keep you protected until the time is right.

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