Find Your Passion

If you want the most out of your life, you need to find your passion and give it your all. That doesn’t mean you should live your life in a single-minded manner. You can have more than one passion. My passion has always been Muay Thai kickboxing. However, as I moved through life, I found that people needed my kind of help in other sports in Glen Cove, NY. That led to me being aware that there were people who never participated in anything athletic, but who would benefit from my help to become healthier. Helping people has become an important priority in my life. That doesn’t mean my passion has become any less for Muay Thai kickboxing. In fact, it expanded my interest.

My love for kickboxing has become a vehicle to help people lose weight and get healthier.

People sign up for kickboxing for a number of reasons. One of them are simply a love of athletics or the sport itself. I can truly appreciate that. Getting healthy and losing weight are two more reasons. It makes me feel so glad I have the ability to help these people. Not only do they become more active, they enjoy doing it. I watch them change from someone who could barely move without breathing hard and carrying far more weight than their frame could maintain, to a confident, muscular, slender individual with energy galore.

Kickboxing is a means of boosting energy levels to achieve other goals.

While your goal may not be physical, it doesn’t mean that kickboxing can’t help. One of my clients was in a male dominated industry and felt she needed to build her confidence. Not only did Muay Thai kickboxing help her do that, it also boosted her energy level and helped her think clearer when she wasn’t in the gym. She excelled at her chosen profession and gives the Muay Thai workout credit for it.

Muay Thai kickboxing can also build your confidence.

Do you have a passion that almost scares you? It’s so big you simply are overwhelmed and doubt yourself continuously? Don’t give it up because of the intimidation, but instead build your confidence and rise to the occasion. Achieving success in one area helps you achieve success in another. Kickboxing can help you build that determination that keeps you on the path to succeed at your passion. I’ve watched people become mentally stronger as they became fitter and new determination develop in those who have almost given up their goals.

  • Kickboxing has helped others feel more confident in their ability to defend themselves. It’s an amazing form of self-defense for women.
  • Kickboxing has helped some people achieve their fitness goals by providing a workout that’s not only engaging, it’s also extremely effective.
  • Part of my passion to help others live healthy involves teaching healthy eating habits. What you eat affects all areas of your life, not just your fitness goals.
  • When you learn Muay Thai kickboxing, you’re welcomed into a community of people who care. You learn self-discipline as well as provide and enjoy the support of the group. It makes it a great way to help children learn the lessons they need for a successful, happy life.

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