Are Running And Muay Thai Connected?

We focus on authentic Muay Thai at Garcia Muay Thai and MMA Gym in Glen Cove, NY. The authentic version of Muay Thai heavily involves running as part of training. People who are active in Muay Thai as fighters run twice a day, every day of the week but one. It normally consists of a long morning session and a short run in the afternoon or evening before they train. It warms the body up and prepares it for actual Muay Thai training.

Road work, or distance running, is an important aspect of training.

You need to build endurance and a great way to do that is to run distances for as long as possible. Road work is often suggested and running for 39 minutes to get the heart rate up, to increase your endurance and lasting power in the ring. As you get fitter, adding minutes to the run is part of training and conditioning your body to last longer without getting winded or exhausted.

If running isn’t your thing, try skipping rope for endurance.

Training is all about preparing your body and pushing it to the limit before you enter the ring. Running distances isn’t for everyone and not always possible, so many trainers use alternatives to build cardiovascular strength. Skipping rope is one of those. It’s a good way to warm up the body before you start with actual Muay Thai training. You have to make sure you have proper form and if it becomes too easy, make the sessions longer and more intense.

If you want to ensure you have a higher lactic acid threshhold, do high-intensity sprints.

You need to move fast in the ring and unlike running, that can be done at a more moderate pace, sprinting requires quick movements, which are similar to those used for moving about the ring or striking. They increase the strength and explosive power of the hamstrings and glutes, which is a huge benefit when you workout in the ring. In traditional Muay Thai training, both sprinting and running are used to train fighters.

  • Strength training should also be part of your Muay Thai training. It builds both power and endurance. You should focus on workouts for the whole body, since Muay Thai is the Art of Eight Limbs and all parts are used.
  • Don’t forget flexibility and balance training either. You need to improve your range of motion so your kicks are higher and you have more control. You can do stretching at home when you first wake up to prepare your body for the day.
  • While running is an integral part of traditional Muay Thai in Thailand, it’s not mandatory in most US training, particularly those who use Muay Thai as a hobby or to boost overall fitness. Instead, HIIT, interval training and other cardio that doesn’t take as long is used to boost cardio.
  • Running is used for cardio and to build legs and shins, but it’s also used in Thailand as a method of teaching discipline and dedication. Your trainer will help you build your cardio and endurance, so following the guidance should be your top priority.

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