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Champion Mindset and Technique Mastery

ANTHONY GARCIA is a highly experienced Master Instructor at Garcia Muay Thai Gym, with over 33 years of expertise in the field. He holds Certifications as an NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Master Practitioner, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Success and Life Coach, Business Coach, and Les Brown Certified Public Speaker to name a few of his 90 + Certifications and Diplomas.

Anthony graduated from Mercy College majoring in Biology/Pre-Med, with a minor in Psychology. Throughout his career, he has dedicated himself to helping Kids and Adults become better versions of themselves, using his extensive knowledge and skills to empower and inspire others.

As a Best-Selling Author of “102 Quotes For The Warrior Within” and “All The Answers Are Within”, Anthony has proven his ability to connect with a wide audience and provide valuable insights and motivation. He is also the creator of The Muay Thai Speed Fighting System 1 and 2, showcasing his innovative approach to training and coaching in martial arts.

With a passion for music, Anthony is a talented musician with over 12 albums produced, showcasing his creative talents beyond the realm of sports and fitness. Additionally, he has ghostwritten 4 books and has been appointed as a Muay Thai Master Instructor in Thailand on 3 separate occasions.

In all aspects of his career and personal pursuits, Anthony Garcia has demonstrated a commitment to excellence, creativity, and continuous growth, making him a respected authority in his field and a valuable resource for those seeking personal and professional development.

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