I have been training at Garcia Muay Thai for six months.  It has been an incredible experience.  Master Garcia is both knowledgable and approachable; he is always willing to take the time to help you improve your technique and push you to be better.  You are never doing the same thing two sessions in a row.  Master Garcia is constantly adding new elements to your workout so nothing becomes routine and you are left eagerly looking forward to the new things you learn every session.  The environment at the gym is also conducive to learning.  No one is looking to kick your head off but instead everyone is there to challenge and learn with you.  The people here are warm and friendly, which is not what I was expecting at a martial arts facility.  I recently turned 30 and I am easily in the best shape of my life.  I lost 10 pounds and I have been able to maintain a healthy weight.  My strength, flexibility, and endurance have improved much more in the six months of training at Garcia Muay Thai, than in years of lifting weights, practicing yoga, and running largely on my own.  Furthermore, taking the journey of learning the art of Muay Thai has been incredibly fun and rewarding.  I highly recommend Garcia Muay Thai to anyone.

    Jinu Abraham