Testimonial Picture of Samantha K. (2)

    About four years ago I found Garcia Muay Thai gym. I was nineteen and severely depressed. I was scared as well. I was scared that someone would attack me and I wouldn’t know how to defend myself. Carrying a weapon was no choice. I don’t think I can ever live with myself if I was to stab someone or shoot someone. My father actually found a voucher online for Garcia Muay Thai and bought me sessions. It took me weeks before I actually made my way there. I was depressed and felt small of a being, in a sense I felt lost and undeserving of happiness. I remember walking into the gym and being the only female and the youngest and smallest one there! I thought I was in the wrong place. Man, was I wrong. I was exactly where I needed to be. Since it was my first time doing any kind of martial arts, Master Garcia worked with me at my own pace. He showed me the basics and fundamentals. He guided me through and pushed me to my potential each and every day I went. Not only did I feel empowered but, with each training completed, I felt this natural high of bliss. I was no longer scared of the thought of if someone was to attack me. I now know I have a fighting chance and am more than capable of protecting myself from anyone. Muay Thai has greatly played a role in helping me find my inner happiness and strength. Master Garcia is not only a great leader, but he has created an atmosphere so welcoming. Everybody that walks in the door is soon to be family to the gym. Training is very serious, but there is this sense of no judgment and lightheartedness at Garcia’s Muay Thai Gym. I couldn’t imagine life without the art of muay thai and I couldn’t imagine training with another Master!

    Thank you Master Garcia!



    Samantha K.