self_defense_fitnessWelcome To The Latest Craze in Extreme Fitness –> Muay Thai Boxing!  With global awareness highlighting bulging waistlines, many fitness enthusiasts are flocking in droves to Learn Muay Thai, the King Of The Martial Arts in an ongoing effort to rapidly shrink their waistlines!  By following an Intense Routine of unique and effective Thai Boxing combinations, running, calisthenics, weight lifting, stretching, and breathing exercises followed by a Healthy Diet, members often Lose 3-6 lbs a week on Average.  While many are here training 3-5 days a week intensely to try and win their long battles with obesity, others are here to hone their skills in the hope of becoming Professional Fighters.  

Muay Thai Boxing is the World's Most Effective Martial Art for Self Defense, partly due to the fact that it is fairly easy to learn and incorporate.  Beware of karate gyms claiming to teach Muay Thai –> They are NOT Qualified, Certified, or Experienced to teach this Martial Art – Fancy kicks will get you nowhere when your life is on the line!  Don't waste your time or money, Learn The Real Deal!

We are the ONLY Qualified, Certified, and Accredited Muay Thai Training Facility in New York! Master Garcia has been awarded the title of Arjarn "Master" by 3 different Muay Thai GrandMasters in Thailand and by The Thai Ministry of Education.  We have traveled to Thailand on numerous occasions, been featured on the Reality TV Series "Master Toddy's Tuff Girls".  Our programs have been put in place for Law Enforcement at all levels here in NY and in Washington.  Master Tony Garcia has helped train the Thai SWAT Team and Thai Border Patrol Police, and more.  He has also trained some of the Best Fighters in the World.  Our Muay Thai System has helped produce over 50 World Champions.  We are The Real Deal!   Accept No Imitations!  

Our Main Goal is to Assist You – Helping You Get Into The Best Shape Of Your LIfe!