Kids Martial Arts


Dear Fellow Parents,

Recent events in the news have given us insight into the immense importance of Self Defense Programs for children.  We as parents can never fully protect our children 24/7.  Kids need to travel to and from their house to school, trips, playgrounds, etc., and eventually, they will go out into the real world to fend for themselves.  Are they ready?  

Let us help your child!  Muay Thai is Rated #1 Worldwide as hands down – The BEST MARTIAL ART FOR SELF DEFENSE!  Please don't be fooled or confused by karate schools or fitness centers offering kickboxing classes.  Muay Thai is known as the Martial Art of Kings and the King of the Martial Arts!  It was originally developed for military purposes – War.  All Thai soldiers were taught this Magnificent Art that included hand to hand combat, while using their entire body as a weapon which often led to Devastating Results.  

Our Kids Martial Arts Program helps to develop children that aspire to become tomorrow's great leaders.  By learning Muay Thai, your child will develop the physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual qualities that he or she needs to survive in the Real World so that they can become productive members of society.  We need to empower our kids by giving them the tools they need both physically and mentally to deal with the everyday pressures of life – peers, bullies, strangers, denial, poor choices, broken hearts, rejection, failure, and loss.  Remember, kids are not born with the ability to know all this information.  We need to teach it to them.  Kids also need to understand the importance of perseverance and confidence.  We even need to teach them that they will make mistakes and that they will not always succeed BUT it is what they do when faced with adversity that matters most. Do they give up and quit?  Or, do they get up, brush themselves off and try again?  

We Teach Your Child To Never Give Up

At our Muay Thai Academy, we emphasize Perseverance and Confidence.  It is perseverance that will stop a kid from quitting school, quitting a job or quitting on their family and it is confidence that will allow them to say “NO” to peer pressure and confidence in themselves to follow their dreams even if it takes 20 years!  Our goal for all of our kids is for them to earn their Black Belt. I truly believe by them working towards earning their Black Belt they will learn about setting and achieving goals and overcoming challenges because it’s a guarantee that on their journey towards earning their Black Belt, there will be obstacles that get in their way.

Whether its friends, video games, laziness or wanting to quit because they realize it is difficult at times, there WILL be a time or two they will question whether they want to continue on their personal journey toward success because it IS challenging.

Even if your child doesn’t become a Champion Martial Artist, but they learn to push themselves and try their best it will positively effect their lives Forever!  

Weight Loss For Kids

Does you child need to lose weight?  Forget about those expensive surgeries, trips to weight loss centers, diets that don't work, weight loss camps that keep you away from your child for months, and visits to the child psychologist.  Just go to Youtube and type in Muay Thai fights in Thailand.  You will notice the Lean, Muscular physiques of Thai Fighters.  There is no coincidence.  Muay Thai is also the #1 Martial Art for Weight Loss and Total Body Conditioning. Your child will become FIT!  

Give your Child the Gift of Health.  Enroll your Child in our Muay Thai Kickboxing Program Today!   Call –> 516-359-6464 <– To Set Up A Free Lesson Today!

Benefits For Kids Learning Muay Thai

Our Kids Martial Arts Program will teach your child how to work hard, persevere and overcome all obstacles in their pursuit of earning their Black Belt.  The core of our Kids Martial Arts Program is Traditional Muay Thai Kickboxing. We teach Muay Thai in a step by step manner that will build your child’s coordination, speed, power and agility through kicking and punching pads with proper technique.  They will also learn how to escape different grabs and chokes.  This is a must for every child to know how to defend themselves on their feet and on the ground from an attempted abduction.  

Next, we build your child’s character through what we call ‘Mat Chats” where we discuss different topics like: What is – Confidence, Discipline, Respect, Focus, etc,  so that they learn to become better human beings.

Your Child Will:

  • Develop Self Control so they don’t get angry or upset when things don’t go their way!
  • Learn that respect is earned and that they need to BE respectful to get respect! 
  • Learn how to focus and listen better at home and at school!
  • Become more Self Disciplined to do things without being told or at least the first time they are told!
  • Learn Goal Setting and Commitment through our Belt System! 

When you come in for your child’s private lesson, we will sit down with you to discuss your goals to ensure the best training experience possible. We are 100% dedicated to helping your child achieve all his or her goals.  This is why we offer a full 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!!! 

We are the only school in the area that offers a money back guarantee.  That's how sure we are that your child will love training at our school…all we ask is that you give us an honest try by having your child come to two classes per week for those 30 days.

To schedule your child’s first FREE lesson all you have to do is Call Now at 516-359-6464 and we will schedule your lesson.

I Look Forward To Training With You Soon!


Master Tony Garcia

P.S. We also offer an Awesome Adult Martial Arts Program. It is a great way for you to bond with your child and it is something to do together.  Your child will forever look up to you as a role model.  Our Motto is: A Family That Trains Together, Stays Together!